Boutique hotels, inns, and bed and breakfast properties immerse travelers into the local culture of a given destination.  They exhibit unique attributes which attract the most discerning travelers, and offer guests personalized service unmatched at most big brand hotels.  

For all of the positives which drive the success of the boutique and independent hotel market segment, marketing and operating a boutique property can have its challenges.

The team at Savara Hospitality understands this.  

Sales, marketing, and revenue management are often cited as the greatest challenges of operating a boutique hotel. After all, it can be difficult to "get the word out" about an independent property when competing in a market dominated by large, global hotel brands with infinite marketing budgets. The Savara team can help with creating and building a brand, increasing distribution of room inventory to the right audiences, optimizing rates to maximize revenues, and serving as a cost-effective alternative to full conversion or adoption of a soft brand to support marketing efforts.      

We have owned and operated boutique, independent, and historic properties, and pride ourselves in providing customized support to meet the unique needs of the boutique hotel industry. 

Whether seeking assistance at the project planning phase, looking for support on construction or renovation, or in need of outsourcing hotel operations, the Savara team can be a valuable partner. With years of experience in running both franchised and independent properties, we bring forth the time-tested practices of the big brands while offering innovative solutions to address the one-of-a-kind challenges of independent properties.

Savara's deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of operating boutique, independent and historic hotels has allowed us to successfully transform under-performing properties into award-winning destination hotels. For further information on our track record, please visit our Capabilities page.