sales, marketing and revenue management

In an increasingly digitized world, sales and marketing for hotels has become ever more complex.  Gone are the days when a hotel could drive revenues purely through "knocking on doors."  Over the years, the Savara team has advised independent and franchise hotels on innovative strategies for optimizing sales and marketing efforts, increasing revenues, and leveraging technology to improve a hotel's market presence.  Savara works to increase revenues and profits for hotel owners through a handful of capabilities, including:

  • Sales and marketing strategy and support
  • Social media support
  • Online reputation management
  • Rate management, including online distribution strategy and execution
  • Public relations and partnerships strategy and execution
  • Advertising strategy and execution

Case Study

marketing and reputation management for portfolio of limited service hotels

Savara has been providing ongoing marketing and reputation management support for a portfolio of ten limited service hotels.  Our efforts have included development and execution of new strategies to increase sales, rate management, and support on managing and responding to social media and online guest reviews. Savara's customized approach for each property has resulted in significant improvements in each hotel's online reputation and overall revenues.